Leg Avenue - Your Ultimate Partner in Seductive Style!


Hey there! Welcome to Leg Avenue- the trendsetters in sexy lingerie, hosiery and crazy costumes .

Here, it's all about you! We understand that every body is unique and believe that all ladies should look and feel fantastic, regardless of their size or shape. So, rest assured that our designs are always focused on highlighting your best features. And seriously, we mean it when we say we value mega-soft fabrics and next-level stretchiness. Comfort and style? Double-check!

But wait, there's more! We are the original brains behind those amazing party costumes you love during Halloween, Carnival, and all other occasions where you let your inner party animal loose. We are here for the power women who know how to make a statement, even when they dress up. Our costumes serve as your ultimate party sidekick, always ready to make you shine.

Variety is the key to our success, and you can see it in our styles. Our designers mix and match materials like pros, giving our creations that unmistakable luxury vibe so that you feel absolutely top-notch. Whether it's lace that makes your senses tingle or super-soft satin your hands can't resist - we do everything to give you something special.

Leg Avenue is full of passion, fun, and self-expression. We want you to be completely yourself, with a touch of naughtiness and mountains of confidence. Discover how our lingerie, hosiery, and costumes elevate your look to the next level. Together, we aim for fantastic and prove that style has no size!

Our roots go back to the vibrant Los Angeles, where we once started as a family business specializing in pantyhose. Yep, that's right, from pantyhose to lingerie and much more. The Tsai family began designing unique pantyhose and selling them at market stalls and kiosks in LA. Since then, we've grown into one of the biggest brands in pantyhose, lingerie, and costumes.

Oh, and by the way, you should definitely know about our European HQ - 'Leg Avenue Europe.' Our showroom and logistics are located in Wijchen. If you want to know more about Leg Avenue or just take a look at our showroom, all you have to do is contact the sales department: sales@legavenueeurope.com. We are here for you!

So, welcome to Leg Avenue - where style, fun, and self-expression come together.